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Let's talk eating.....

Do you need to change eating habits that are unhelpful?

Weight Loss - A Mindset Approach. WLleaflet

I love running this course! As a Hypnotherapist, my mission is to help people take control of their life and their thinking, and this course does just that!

This Weight Loss Course is helpful for anyone who struggles to maintain a healthy eating pattern, and to control their weight.
It is designed to help people to change unhelpful eating habits to new habits that result in a healthier approach to eating, and a more positive relationship with food.

I run this course for 1 - 1 sessions, and for groups (maximum of 4). It is a two session course of 1.5 hours each time, with an option for a third session. It includes a Power Point presentation, course notes, and some hypnosis. It is fun, mutually supportive, and also involves learning some serious neuroscience.

I explain how the brain works, and therefore, how to control our thinking around food.

The cost of the course is £120. It includes an MP3 recording for you to keep and listen to as part of the process.

To hear more about the course, and to book a course, please contact me and I can help. Daytime or evening courses can be arranged.

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