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Here are some comments from my clients.......

"I went to Ros at the Surrey and Hampshire Wellbeing Clinic for four sessions of hypnotherapy for my fear of flying. It’s the only fear I’ve had in life and I used to get very anxious a week before flying, not sleep properly for a few nights before or even eat the whole day of travelling.
I was very jumpy and panicked on take off or during any turbulence. This all came from a bad experience flying through forest fires as a teenager in Sydney.
Ros was very calming and made me feel at ease straight away, I learnt about how the brain works and the techniques Ros would use to remove my bad memory and replace it with a good memory of flying.
I felt at ease all the way up to the day of flying and arrived at the airport feeling a lot less stressed than normal. Even after boarding the plane I felt comfortable, during take off I was a little apprehensive but this was nothing compared to what I’ve dealt with in the past. I managed to eat the in flight meals and enjoy a few cups of tea which is usually unheard of as I’m so anxious.
I couldn’t believe that I also felt relaxed enough to have a two hour sleep on the plane which I haven’t been able to do for years. Even when the seat belt sign came on I stayed calm and watched a film.
I travel a lot playing wheelchair rugby for my country and I can’t thank Ros enough for making the experience of flying a lot less stressful. I still listen to the recording Ros gave me if I’m struggling to sleep or need fifteen minutes to relax. It’s calming and an amazing way to just switch off for a little while."

Kylie Grimes

"I would highly recommend Ros. She is extremely caring and supportive. She supported me through an extremely difficult time, keeping me sane and calm. She will always listen and tailors sessions to an individual's needs. Very good for empowering you and helping you to take control."

" When I first saw Ros, I was depressed, lacked motivation and had absolutely no interest in anything - what I call the CBA syndrome (can't be @rsed). Although I had been taking anti depressant medication this doesn't really work without the underlying problems being tackled. Thankfully I found Ros and my treatments with her have made such a difference, when I left her after my last session I felt like a new woman with purpose and plans - massive thank you Ros xx"

"I did want to let you know how helpful your recording was to our eldest daughter, who is 9. She went through a patch of not wanting to sleep in her home room and being very distressed at bedtime and waking up in the night. I gave her your recording and she found it really worked for her. She listened to it several nights running and sometimes more than once over. In the end she had it almost off by heart! I thought you’d like to know how successful it was for her! So that was the first step we used in getting her back in her own room and she’s now also hardly waking at night."

"Ros’s hypnotherapy gives the life tools and understanding that will help you to overcome your problems.
This is not hypnosis as seen on TV. For a long term solution you have to be prepared to do some hard work yourself. I say ‘hard work’ but it’s really not difficult because Ros gives you the support and advice of how to do this and if you are prepared to open your mind to her suggestions and are able to commit and do your homework... it does work!
I thoroughly recommend Ros to help overcome long term issues. I’ve had other therapy, but none of it stayed with me like these sessions and I am getting better all the time and feel truly able to relax and be in control of myself in a way I’ve never known before!"

"We are back this week from our skiing holiday in France and I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it! I cannot quite explain how different it was for me this time but I didn't have any 'moments' on the slopes, I felt quite in control and happy to ski at my own pace in my own way. It made such a difference to our holiday as we managed to ski as a family the whole time and my husband still can't quite believe how relaxed I was!
I'm so glad I came to visit you for the sessions and I really appreciate the difference you have made. "

"Ros has been absolutely pivotal in helping me deal with chronic anxiety and depression. I'm a vastly happier human being and couldn't be more grateful."

"A friend recommended Ros Knowles to me. For a number of years, I had been suffering from severe anxiety which had manifested itself in a number of ways, including night time teeth/fist clenching, daytime unease and fatigue. My quality of life was quite low.
Ros took a thorough personal history to gain insight and understanding of my issues. She plainly and expertly explained to me how the brain copes with excess anxiety and how hypnotherapy can help. I was given a CD to listen to at bedtime and Ros easily put me into trance during our weekly sessions.
After just the first week, I noticed improvement and then continued to see and feel positive results in the following weeks. My nocturnal teeth/fist clenching slowed and then stopped altogether, my anxiety levels dramatically reduced and I awoke in the mornings well-rested and refreshed. The hypnotherapy has left me feeling grounded, balanced, calm, healthy and happy with my life.

"I would recommend Ros, wholeheartedly, as a hypnotherapist. She has a very calm, supportive manner and her hypnotherapy skills are absolutely first-rate. Ros has really turned my life around which was no simple feat! "

Annie, Guildford

"A friend recommended that I should see Ros as I was suffering with social anxieties. Ros has a wonderful manner, caring, friendly and positive, she instantly made me feel comfortable, she is professional and non-judgmental. The sessions with her have allowed me to regain my self-confidence and life again. I now feel confident when talking to new people and can conduct myself in a more professional manner in business meetings by staying calm and in control, even the tension in my neck and back from stress has completely diminished!
Ros has put the smile back on my face and I am forever grateful."

AC. Guildford

"You couldn’t meet a kinder more gentle person.
I went to see Ros as a friend had told me how much she had helped her. I have had many issues over my life – and lack of confidence comes highest on the list, closely followed by anxiety, stress and insomnia.
Ros doesn’t solve your problems for you – you don’t go back into minute detail about all your issues. She guides and teaches you to help yourself. With the aid of her lovely hypnotherapy and her relaxation CD , I’m able to sleep well. Something I haven’t been able to do for many years. Ros promotes relaxation and encourages you to concentrate on the good things rather than dwell on the not so good.
I would recommend anyone to see Ros. Her gentle encouragement and sensitive caring manner are calming in themselves.”


“I first started seeing Ros in earlier this year and have recently had my last session.
I can honestly say that I have come such a long way,  there was no pressure from Ros what so ever to book up the sessions, that was all me, I wanted to conquer my stress at work, which I feel that I have done. I have the tools and strength within me to help me move forward. 
I can’t say that it all happens on day 1, you have to want it to work & have an open mind & be willing to make little changes. 
It’s the best money I have ever spent and I still listen to Ros’s hypnotherapy recording every day. 
I cannot say enough how worth while these sessions have been, Ros has a lovely aura & genuinely wants to help you. If you have never tried hypnotherapy give it a go, give it a real chance & you will see the changes. 
Thanks Ros for getting me to where I am now. “

“Amazingly helpful Hypnotherapy in a warm, friendly atmosphere.
Useful in overcoming addictions, such as smoking, helps with weight loss, and overcoming loss of self esteem.”

N W. Guildford

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