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Trance really means Relaxation......

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a combination of
Psychotherapy and Hypnosis and it can help with a number of conditions.

The great thing about Solution Focused Therapy is that we use psychotherapy to think about you in a very positive and forward looking way. We do not spend time dwelling on the past, but focus on helping you to decide how you want to be, what changes you would like to make in your life, and how together, we can get you there.
You will imagine how you would feel when life is as you would like it to be, to create a picture of yourself as you would like to be in the future. Perhaps you would be more confident, sleeping well, calmer, slimmer, feeling motivated, or happy in your relationships. Whatever it is for you, it will be a positive image for you to focus on during your trance session.

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Trance is a very ordinary thing really, we go into trance many times in a day, when we are driving, watching TV, running or walking, so it is not unusual for us. In a hypnotherapy session I will take you into a light trance and you will feel relaxed, but quite aware of what is happening, and you will not be doing anything you do not want to do. You will be in control the whole time.

We use hypnosis to to access the subconscious mind directly. In a therapeutic setting hypnosis is a powerful tool to access subconscious patterns of thought and behaviour and helps us to deal with problems in a way that the conscious mind cannot.

Did you know that the conscious mind processes around 7 pieces of information per person, per second? The unconscious mind processes between 2-11 million pieces of information per person, per second. This illustrates the power of your unconscious mind and if we can access that, we can use it to help you make the changes you want to make in your life.

It is important to understand that there is no magic involved in Hypnotherapy!

You are the person who will decide what you want, and then you must be ready to make the changes to achieve your goal. Therapy is a collaborative process, we work together, and you will be surprised how quickly Hypnotherapy can work for you.

Hypnotherapy sessions give you time to really think about you, and what is right for you. If you think you need to, try it - you will be pleased you did!

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